Born: Sep. 1998

Age: 15

Race: Caucasian

Residence: Virginia

Updated: Oct. 16, 2013

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Matthew is a great kid! He is fun, smart, and athletic -- just a genuinely nice guy.

Baseball is Matthew's favorite sport. He would love to see the pros play, especially the St. Louis Cardinals. Perhaps Matthew's adoptive parents will take him to see a baseball game.

Social workers who know Matthew best remark about how naturally talented he is. Matthew is an excellent soccer player, and skateboarder; he even has the ability to kick a football almost as well as a NFL punter! Matthew is truly gifted, yet he does not see himself that way.

Due to the setbacks and letdowns he experienced, Matthew can sometimes be pessimistic about the prospect of being adopted. Social workers feel that the perfect family for Matthew does exist, and they are continuing to encourage Matthew to have hope that a forever family can and will be found for him.

Matthew has said he wants a two-parent home. Social workers also feel that the ideal family will have children Matthew's age or older, and will be patient with Matthew and understanding of his cautious attitude toward the potential adoption. Social workers are seeking parents for Matthew that will shower him with praise to lift him up, hold him close, embrace him as a permanent member of the family.

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